Durham Integrated Growers

For a Sustainable Community


DIG's purpose is to support local community food production and food security by:

  • Sharing information, knowledge and skills

  • Providing technical and developmental assistance

  • Assisting with funding exploration and procurement

  • Fostering potential partnerships and;

  • Promoting and educating about sustainable production and access to local, healthy foods



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DIG, Durham Integrated Growers for a Sustainable Community, has a mission to support community food production and food security through shared resources.  DIG realizes that there are many difficult aspects of starting a community garden, for this reason, when available, a financial grant of up to $500.00 may be awarded to new community gardens within the Durham Region.

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Community Garden and All Forms of Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture (the many ways of growing food in and near cities and towns) is blossoming in Durham Region, Ontario. See what we at DIG do to support local food, food security, and community development. Our work focuses not only on community gardens but also urban farms, urban orchards, home processing, commercial urban agriculture, social enterprises and supportive urban agriculture policies. Overall, "at DIG, we believe in the power of people working together to grow local food in a healthy, sustainable way."

How and why should food be considered within the climate policies of cities?