Help Crowdsource the Durham Food Map

There are many great local food assets in Durham Region, including community gardens, school greenhouses, local food procurement, harvest trading tables, foodscapes, gardening workshops, and more! To learn more about these food assets, the Durham Food Policy Council partnered with Ryerson University to develop the Durham Food Map.

Please see our short 3-minute video about the Durham Food Map:

Building on the Durham Food System Environmental Scan, there are already many food assets on the map. However, there are many more to add, especially from municipalities in Northern Durham. If you have initiated, participated in, or know about food assets in the Region, you can help in 1 of 3 ways: 1. Please go to and check to see if your food asset is on the map, and if all of the information is correct. If you would like to add anything (photos, links, news stories, updated information), leave a comment on the report or send an email to and it will be added to the map. Please upvote it if it's correct, too.

2. If your initiative isn’t already on the map, please add it by clicking “Create Report”. You can report the title, location, description, websites, photos, videos, and more.

3. If you know of anyone working toward strengthening food assets in Durham Region, please forward this email to them. The more contributions we get on the Durham Food Map the better!

The map will be open for contributions until April 30th, 2015. After this date, the contributions will be incorporated into a report for the Durham Food Policy Council and a permanent web map will be created.

Sharing information about your food events, community initiatives, and other food assets helps shape future food policies and planning in Durham Region. In particular, this map resource will be used by the Durham Food Policy Council in support of the Durham Food Charter, in addition to building an online community of local food advocates.

Please reply to this email if you have any questions, comments, or general inquiries. Also, send an email if you would like to share information about your food asset without adding it to the map.

Thank you for helping us crowdsource Durham’s food secure future!

Sincerely, Victoria ...on behalf of the Durham Food Map.

Victoria Fast PhD Candidate, Ryerson University Environmental Applied Science and Management