Planting Peas

Here at DIG we are proud to have a guest post by Beth Sands. Over the past few months, Empty Cup Media had Beth join their team as a co-op student.  The following post was part of her work done at Empty Cup Media.  

To start the growing season Colin planted peas; three rows neatly placed at one end of his garden. In two to three weeks, Colin will plant more pea seeds. The plan is to continuously start seeds throughout the season to get a continuous supply of peas; this is called succession planting.

Colin has started several vegetables and flowers indoors including broccoli, tomatoes, marigolds, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and cucumbers. Cucumbers can be started outdoors, but this year Colin has decided to experiment with starting them indoors.

To give the plants a fighting chance, Colin uses mixed soil to start his seeds indoors made up of potting soil and aged manure. He adds warm water to heat and moisten the soil to give the seeds encouragement to germinate. All of this is pulled together with a sunny southern window which has his seeds sprouting within days. So onward with the growing season, and good luck!

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