Table Talks - Sweet Dream Honey

1ecf9422a1004bb5df714bc6b2a950f9 Join us at The Table Restaurant, 20 Simcoe Street South on Tuesday, May 12 at 7:00 pm. Steve Lawrence, from Dare2Dream Farm, will be providing a fascinating talk on: Beekeeping today, bee health, pollination from both natural and honey bee, and systemic pesticides and their effects.

Dare2Dream Farm was established in 2013 by Steve and Patty Lawrence. Nestled at the eastern edge of Clarington. The goal of the farm is to let you know where your food comes from and to produce local food that is free of medications and antibiotics.

Sweet dream honey began in 2013 at Dare2Dream Farm in Clarington. The honey house and store was built to process and bottle natures sugars... Dare2Dream Farm produces Sweet Dream honey and sells fresh, natural honey to individuals, bakeries, and restaurants.


Sweet Dream Honey:

Table events are FREE – everyone is welcome!