You Can Eat What You Grow

Here We Grow - Farm Fresh

Optimist Club members in cooperation with Brooklin Horticultural Society will organize and provide materials for children to create their own take-home kitchen garden.

The program is designed for younger children. Rotational stations will be set up as follows:

Here is the objective for each table....

Table 1 -POTTING STAND:herb-garden Objective: is to teach the child the proper pot for the proper planting.

Table 2 - DIRT YURT: Objective: to teach the child the difference between good and bad dirt.

Table 3 - OUR GARDENING GURU'S: Objective: to teach the child the seed cycle and that seeds come in many different forms.

Table 4 - PLANT STAND: Objective: to teach the child the difference between the seeds, seedlings, and vegetable plants that are already in their everyday lives.

Table 5 - PLANT UP STATION: Objective: the child learns what depth the plant should be placed and how far apart the plants should be and to add soil to the pot.

The Optimist Club members provides these events to fulfill our motto of "Friends of Youth"

Join Us Tuesday May 12, 2015 St Thomas Anglican Church 101 Winchester Rd E, Brooklin 6:30 to 7:30 pm